10 Year Retrospective of PC Mods by Mnpctech.

We’ve search the web to find some of the most popular PC and Case Mods performed by Mnpctech over past 10 years.

A Thermaltake Sword M customized for AMD Corporation. “Project Phenom” is one of Mnpctech’s most popular case mods to date.

Mnpctech was honored to receive very first sample of  NZXT‘s new Switch 810 Full Tower, to modify for their Hotel Suite in Palazzo in Las Vegas for 2012 CES. A detailed review of the NZXT Switch 810 will be available soon on YouTube

Video of Photo session for “Future Noire” and other PC for 2012 CES

The side panel mural was hand airbrushed by Brad Galvin. All of the distressed and weathered surface effects were created with a Dremel and various attachments including reinforced 1.5″ cutting wheel and engraving bit #107. The Chinese Dragon guarding the rear of the PC was laser cut from 3/16″ thick Steel. The Custom vents with Round Modder’s Mesh were added to the side of top cover. The shattered glass effect was created with Blue Transparent Acrylic Sheet. The embedded bullets are real .45 caliber Hornady XTPs. The modified 5.25 bay fan controller is the NZXT Sentry Mesh.

The top of the bezel was modified with Round Modder’s Mesh. The front dual 5.25  LCD is by Alphacool. Top 3x140mm radiator grill was machined from 3/16″ thick aluminum. The “2019 LA Police” logo inserts can be manually rotated for unique look. The front intake grill. Two Yate Loon 140mm Blue LED Cooling fans drawing in cool air behind it. The “2019 LAPD” shield applique was done by Karlz Graphics. Allof the exterior features are fastened on with Anodized M4 Black socket head fasteners.

Additional vents were added to the left access panel with Round Modder’s mesh. The front intake grill was cnc milled from 1/4″ thick aluminum with the “2019 LAPD ” badge. It’s illuminated with 24 RBG LEDs that flash in sequence, to mimic the LAPD Spinner car from Bladerunner movie.

“Project Phenom” looks like an entirely different PC, depending which angle you’re viewing it.

This case mod for Corsair made their 600T Graphite look like a Futuristic / Military container.

Custom Toggle switches created by Mnpctech for a custom PC project..

“Dell Eater” pictured on the right, was Bill’s first PC mod project. “Nemesis 9” was Bill’s first Turbine PC theme mod.

Bill used Electric Guitar knobs shaped like skulls for the custom fan controls on “Malfunction”

Nvidia ION Cube PC with first time collaboration between Bill and Cheapskate.

V8 Cooler was modified with Ferrari theme for Cooler Master.

The “Nitro” case mod implemented a custom exhaust fan in the carry handle.

Antec 600 with triple 120mm turbine fan theme and billet vented side panel.

“FUZION” case mod for MSI show display. The Corsair H50 cooler was also customized.

Cooler Master Sniper with Winter camo theme. 120mm Targeted fan grill

The Winter camo theme covers the entire exterior.

Razer Lachesis Mouse customized with illuminated skull and paint.

“Necromancer” was the first time Bill customized an Alienware “Area 51” case.

“CPU Stingray” was a commissioned build for CPU Magazine.

The retractable drive bay door on “CPU Stingray”

“HELLBOUND” was the first case to implement a prototype of Mnpctech’s now infamous 120mm Blow hole kit

The custom fan control knobs on “HELLBOUND” look lethal. (Kingwin 424 case is no longer avail)

“PSYCHOSIS” is one of Bill’s earlier personal projects he hopes to reveal more progress in the “Mod Men” show.

“WOLFENSTEIN PC” was built in collaboration with CustomPCMax to promote the 2009 release of the game by Activision.

The carry handle on “WOLFENSTEIN PC” was inspired by a MP40 Machine Gun.

Silverstone SG05 ITX case modified by Bill and Jeremy Birch for their friend, John Hanlon. Watch the “NOTaLis Movie”

Lian Li PC 7-plus with custom window in top for DVD player with custom window.

Case Mod Tribute to Unreal Tournament with Lancool Dragon.

The case badge for Unreal Tournament was CNC milled diamond plate.

“WoW” inspired case mod.

“100 Years of Harley Davidson” case mod was done with Chieftec Dragon full tower.

“Venom” is an Addtronics 6896 full tower with West Coast Choppers theme.

A racing car hood pin fastens the side panel on “Venom”

Tribute to Pink Floyd’s The Wall (Kingwin 424 case is no longer avail)

The Corvette ZR1 is an ITX PC based upon a radio controlled car kit.

This Lian LI PC -7 plus was modified for Ric Mirto as a tribute to Martial Artists, Bruce Lee and Ed Parker.

“District 9” PC was built for Cooler Master’s display at 2009 CES.

Antec 300 mid tower case modified with “The Mod Brothers” theme for CMB giveaway.

CM Storm Scout modified with digital camo theme for 2009 Computex Show.

Custom window with “CM STORM” logo on the window with digital camo theme exterior.

Cooler Master 922 customized for Stompest LAN Event Giveaway.

Corsair 800D customized for Hardware Canucks Giveaway.

Corsair 700D customized for DazMode.

“Mod Men” Home Theater PC

The Official Star Trek PC for Maximum PC. Designed by Mike Okuda, built by Mnpctech for David Gerrold

Official Star Trek case for Maximum PC & Original series writer, David Gerrold.

.45 caliber bullet holes in BF3 Case Mod for Fractal-Design’s booth at 2012 CES

Fully camouflaged interior in BF3 Case Mod for Fractal-Design’s booth at 2012 CES

Hand painted and airbrushed mural on BF3 Case Mod for Fractal-Design’s booth at 2012 CES

Top view of Firefly Tribute PC for Corsair’s Hotel Suite at 2012 CES

View of weathered side panel on Firefly Tribute PC for Corsair’s Hotel Suite at 2012 CES

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Posted on February 13, 2011 by modmin
webb114 Says: #9 posted June 8th, 2011 at 8:40am

I have been more than a little impressed by the time and effort that y’all take to not only make a case mod but make it so that there is no doubt who made that case mod. Thank you for the hard work.

aqeel Says: #8 posted June 8th, 2011 at 8:27am

awesome…simply awesome

amdcrankitup Says: #7 posted June 8th, 2011 at 6:47am

Over a period of time Ive seen so many anazing Mods here and enjoy coming back for more, but I got to say one of my all time Favorites is Project Phenom its just a work of art! Amazing craftmanship!

Javier themodbrothers.com/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=2241 Says: #6 posted March 8th, 2011 at 11:12am

You have a dream job Bill… cherish every moment 🙂

3LY Says: #5 posted February 25th, 2011 at 10:55pm

From MNPCTECH to the World! Thanks Bill & Co.

Medic1532 Says: #4 posted February 22nd, 2011 at 2:00am

Loved the mod of the H50 in the Fuzion case I am currntly building an 800 D based system with an H70 any chance of the H50 top cover winding up in the MNPC Store ??? JG

digitalmidgit Says: #3 posted February 19th, 2011 at 5:32am

luv it! top designs. Hope my Mod will look as good as these!

zebriukas modding.lt Says: #2 posted February 18th, 2011 at 4:52pm

These mods are awesome, i’m so exited when i was waching this! Keep going Bill and your team!
Sorry for bad english, i’m from lithuania. (:

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