“Mod Men” Project Case Giveaway!

This is your opportunity to own a Fractal Design “Array” ITX case customized by the Mod Men. It features a custom paint job that was featured as “do-it-yourself” tutorial in upcoming episode of the Mod Men. The webisodes will start on March 1st, 2011. The case includes pre-installed billet aluminum case feet and 140 and 120mm Blue LED cooling fan and 120mm machined aluminum fan grill from Mnpctech. The winner has the choice to perform more modifications on their own or install their own ITX system and start using the case.

Follow the steps below for your chance to win this case.

Hot Rod “Von Dutch” style pinstripes were hand painted by “Mod Men” custom painter, Brad Galvin.

Mnpctech mods include custom made PSU mounting plate (not shown) that gives you option to install ITX or ATX size Power Supply and 120mm cooling fan installed in the floor of the chassis for additional cooling.

120mm Logisys Blue LED Cooling Fan, HERE

140mm Yate Loon Blue LED Cooling Fan, HERE

U-channel window molding, HERE.

Mnpctech “Grooved” mini billet case feet, HERE

Mnpctech “Grooved” mini billet case feet are pre-installed. The “Von Dutch” pinstripes hand painted in upcoming episode of “Mod Men” show.

Mnpctech 120mm Machined Fan Grill installed on the bottom intake fan, HERE

Some of the factory pop rivets were replaced with Copper version.

Copper Pop Rivets, HERE




To enter, Register (Upper right side)

Once registered, leave 1 comment at the bottom of this post  “Write a Comment…” by Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 @ Midnight central time for your chance to be randomly selected. One lucky winner will be chosen at random through the website Random.org. Mod Men will announce the winner on this website on Thursday, March 17th, 2011

This giveaway is open to all countries. Shipping method will be at the discretion of Mnpctech.com

Anyone registering twice or posting more than 1 comment will automatically be disqualified.

All blog comments go into queue before they’re approved. Therefore, it may take awhile before your comments are visible, this is a measure to prevent spam.

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  1. d3ad1ock:

    This is an awesome case in stock form.

    Modded by you guys, makes it more than awesome!

    It doesn’t matter if this comment don’t get selected and doesn’t make me take home this beauty, i just want you guys to receive my utmost appreciation on what you do!


  2. plamenb89:

    It’s perfect!! You did great job (:

  3. erikland:

    No words…. just impressive!

  4. zero2491:

    I love mnpctech, and that you make modding helpful to beginners! cant wait for the webisodes to get up

  5. Viepert:

    Am i too late ??
    Registerd specially for this giveaway.
    I want ITTTTTT ! !

  6. driftingnfsc3:

    ooooo, pretty case… can i haz? :p everything from mnpctech looks too epic :)

  7. augustas15:

    I very want to win this case!!!

  8. Darkkest:

    Here’s my comment! Very nice looking case, and I wouldn’t mind owning it myself.

    It’s a bit small though. XD

  9. thepastelero:

    nice little home cinema there.
    very nice case as always.

  10. optimusppp:

    beautiful mod, love the copper pop-rivets!

  11. Inigo Montoya:

    Excellent job guys, been wanting to try out an ITX mod. Still top notch products from mnpctech, thanks for this one Bill.

  12. Skwisgaar:

    I love your tutorials bill! i used your old casing turbine fan as an inspiration to build my own case! Id love to have this opprtunity to have this case for my upgrade and so some custom work on it. Youre awesome, my best regards to you.

  13. ultimate:

    omg…love it, ur channel and the show :)
    all ur cases are completely perfect :P

    greetz from germany :)

  14. sd91180:

    I have modded alot of case with stuff I got from yall. All quality parts. It would be awsome to have an entire case modded by you. Thanks for the website!!!!!!! MNPCTECH

  15. AiyamaMio:

    Its great for water cooling :D

  16. generalxcypher:

    sweet case mod!! it’s a stunner!

  17. SilentR33p3r:

    Would love to win that case.

  18. ash:

    I don’t really know much about this case. Except for one thing: I WANT IT! :)

  19. SiThia:

    Definitely motivated to bring that beauty home.
    Do you have an idea of when the first episode will be released?
    And also thank you for all these videos for us to learn from.

  20. DJART:

    Nice job, this itx looks sick!

  21. jonder:

    zajebiaszcza :-D

  22. wakoquacko:

    it’s an entry
    looks like an awesome case and whoever gets it will be very lucky

  23. Mankz:

    Do want.

  24. saxman:

    I love the color of the paint, Keep up the good work

  25. BlodadTand:

    Looks great. Also when’s the show actually starting?

  26. rodrosnberg:

    Love mini ITX!!

  27. Cro_Devil:

    I want this case :)))

    awesome jobe as expected of mnpctech!1

  28. jipa:

    Just the thing for a sad polar bear.

  29. rrims:

    Come on, let me win this awesome case my new HTPC!

  30. Maxxii:

    Hey! Love you guys! Bill, your work inspires me to create!

    Case looks GORGEOUS!!!! ide love to water cool that bad boy!

  31. TARIKK:

    hmm yummy, to be honest nothing more to do with this case, will be nice under the TV :)

  32. llH4VOKll:

    Amazing mod like always!

  33. liighthead:

    comment :D
    great job on the case.
    all the best to everyone >.<
    haha in the youtube vid looks like bills about to throw the poor little thing away

  34. feerof:

    noiceee wouldn’t mind one of those cases =P

  35. AramilVandal:

    You guys are an inspiration. Keep up the great work!

  36. panthermod:

    wow this case look so cool…

    Modded by you guys, makes it more than awesome!

  37. s_mason16:

    would love to win this case and dive into modding. I’ve had good luck before, I hope I still have some left.

  38. ana3mic:

    Well, this will make a badass NAS/HTPC. Awesome paint job!

  39. Roboduck:

    Yay snow! Another great MNPCTECH project and a great site for the modders!

  40. chinnerz:

    What an great time to tell you guys how awesome you are without sounding like a suck up :P
    You guys are truly amazing and some.. well.. [u]all[/u] of the stuff you is really inspiring; I especially like the tutorials you guys do. This give away is just another example of how awesome you blokes are at mnpctech.

    Kudos from Oz

  41. mario_ramalho:

    Wonderful looking case, as always, excellent work. I’ve been following you guys for a long time, your attention to detail and dedication have been flawless, and that’s why i stick around.

  42. Killer_Bunny:

    Awesome case! Would love to put a NAS in it.

  43. wire:

    This would be awesome for my htpc project. Love it.

  44. Gadget:

    It’s pretty easy to get into this case modding thing, especially when you’re here to jump start our drive. Keep it up! Let’s hope I win!

  45. JPMiller:

    Huge fan for many years, great to see you in this format!
    I’ve learned alot and have been entertained along the way!

  46. DangerousDave:

    This is quite awesome.

  47. Deka:

    Oh how i want this case

  48. SamuelMiguel:

    I really want to win that awesome case so I may finish it!!!!

  49. dp38104:

    NICE! Excellent work as always, cant wait to see who wins this awesome case.

  50. mbarr69:

    You guys are the BEST! Most original ideas and not afraid of pushing the envelope. Others try but can’t come close to what you do to a case…DESTROY IT then rebuild it from the ground up. Keep blowin’ it out of the water!

  51. guyoutput:

    O.O So nice, I wants.

  52. MarcoRafael:

    ITseX :p,

    Incredible amount of detail! By the way the write-up above where it says

    “Hot Rod “Von Dutch” style pinstripes were hand painted by “Mod Men” custom painter, Brad Galvin.” I took a double take because I thought the picture below it was the painting process, when it was just Bill using the knock out punch.

    Made me do a double take hehe

  53. Rageaholic:

    Wow! Nice case!!!!!, Very nice work Bill, GoodLuck to everyone!

  54. anthonysrobertson:

    That is cool case I like the color of it.

  55. Squirly:

    Case is awesome, would look even better on my desk…
    Great workmanship quality and effort in all your work, keep it up

  56. Freddy:

    Love it ;)

  57. Kuro:

    Awesome mod Bill you should post more of your work on http://www.realredraider.com like you use to.

    Good luck with your new show

  58. sgt_cage:

    big fan of the modmen i’m looking forward to the new show starting march 1st, its a good job it wont be on vhs because ill have it worn out within days! good work guys, keep it up!

  59. Declined:

    Fantastic looking case, can’t wait for the episodes!
    Great look for a media center pc

  60. sashohakera:

    It’s a nice case! Can’t wait for the show!

  61. scavengeriot:

    im lovin that paint work cant wait for the upcoming show bill!

  62. MADBONE:

    OMG im totally going to LOVE MODDING THIS CASE!…

  63. TerminusVox:

    Sounds good to me!

  64. Ulrik_Lohse:

    it looks absolutely great in the blue metallic/flake paint

  65. suppaduppax:

    Looks great. Love the blue color!

  66. atw237:

    i love to win the case

  67. Tjay1:

    Looks nice, would love to win it.

  68. reelmccoy:

    mnpctech’s work has impressed and inspired me for years.

    I have just the place for this case and it’d make a perfect case for a gaming/folding/virtual machine serving beastie!

  69. Venn:

    Awwwww crap, I just barely got home from work and found out that due to the date and time I’m posting I can’t qualify. It’s such a nice piece of work so far too.

  70. petoscal:

    Nice case, I hope I win this because I’ve never win anything before, congrats for the new show.

  71. MitchC:

    That blue paint looks phenomenal – as always! Keep up the great work!

  72. TrevChrist:

    Nice pinstripes… I would love an ITX case like that.

  73. alex2342:

    if i had it i’d watercool it since it’s a mid-mini atx size case i’d watercool everything lol . then i’d add a handle on top so i could carry it to the lan parties… ahhh dreams dreams dreams…

  74. Computerneeds:

    it would be the first ITX case i used. but it would make a great start
    and the Blue Metallic case with copper rivets would be a awesome case for my new computer

  75. zebriukas:

    Greetings from Lithuania ! I love ModMen, they build an impressive computer cases !

  76. Vecc:

    nice case :D nice show

  77. Ottmanoz:

    Hello from the UK!
    Nice job on the case, lets hope I win it! =D

  78. vinaybasra:


  79. ACEX2:

    Looking forward to the show. Good luck,

  80. slotrod:

    Ditto on the thanks for the opportunity. would look cool in the man-cave.

  81. sfkilla:

    Greeting from little Belgium. Love the size of the case and great skill from the artist for those designs. Wish you all good luck ;)

  82. GrandpaNoob72:

    Yet another great giveaway, yet another great-looking case from the get-go. Crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, ears, etc…

  83. digitalmidgit:

    AWSOME PAINT JOB GUYS! Great work I look foward to seeing more great mods, Keep up the good work! Plus I luv the vids!

  84. rocky6978:

    loved that amd case you guys did.

  85. danyskan:

    men, your webshow mod men will be better than american chopper

  86. kyosukeminori:

    sick artwork man especially the paint job it really nicely done..

  87. yahtze:

    Cases like this really make me want to mod my pc… I wish i had the tools and the skills.

    I love the paint job…

  88. CARLOtech:

    wow iam i love with this case….

  89. ManBoy:

    It`s just beautiful! Great job!

  90. PLg:

    Great project!
    Can’t wait for more videos

  91. ron2duo:

    This would be an awesome gift for me if i win it. :D

  92. riyast:

    love the color of that case and might be ordering some case feet for a case i have

  93. Rockbell:

    Sleek lines, perfect case for a HTPC!

  94. Schmauges:

    As always great Job so far would be a pleasure to call it my own .

  95. dinidh:

    Your paint job makes me want to hide anything I’ve ever painted in shame…

  96. marksammut:

    Nice Case guys, Great case on its own but then you guys come along and make this thing amazing, Great work on a great case, would look good for a media pc for my Tv, eitherway good luck to the winner and keep the great mods and everything coming :)

  97. ragezmodz:

    nice items mr bill :) i like all!

  98. croatian modder:

    my favorite colour, perfect for my project :)

    I think I would name it EXTREME ICE BOX

    with this little badass inside

    GA-E350N-USB3 (rev. 1.0)
    AMD E-350 + Hudson-M1

    in case of winning this pc case of course

    P.S. Of course, the case will be aircooled -OLD SCHOOL-

  99. dooglo:

    Love the color and done with rattle cans. Nice.

  100. fire.ice.earth.wind:

    I have been following you guys for a few years now and have watched all your videos. You do excellent work. I hope I get to take the case home. =D

  101. The Original Mr D:

    Wow! What a great case. I have been looing for just such a case to build a Htpc. I have watched all of your videos and Man! I have learned a lot. I am really looking forward to more. Thanks!

  102. slacker:

    Nice looking case.

  103. Takx:

    Amazing job, just like all the others! The color is really nice.
    I have a little project called Ztorage for a itx (atom based) with a pci 4xsata board, and 6 HDs, to be as small as it can be, but couldn’t start it yet, for now the HW is running on a atx old case. Guess this one would fit my project just perfectly =D.

    Have you thought about a Bulldozer (new AMD cpu architecture) case? AMD will be releasing it probably Q3 or Q4 of this year, it would be nice to see a specific mod for that launch, since it is the first big modification on K10 architecture, and maybe a big performance boost.
    Sandy Bridge is already here, maybe something for Ivy Bridge on the future.

  104. Artie:

    I love the color and hand painted pinstripes. Copper pop rivets – small detail but looks awesome. This case would be perfect to my “Tokio Blue” PC. Outstanding job!

  105. DanTheMan:

    I love the blue, my dremel daisy and I would love to take a crack at that case adding our own touch. Thanks for giving us all the chance for this awesome prize!

  106. nightmaremike:

    great job on the case,
    looks fine as hell :D

  107. Silver:

    WOW! It looks awesome. I hope i win :)

  108. alogli:

    it really looks slick and elegant, i’d love to call it my own!

  109. dooglo:

    Rattle can spray job looks great.

  110. Libery13:

    That case is really cool! Please let me win that case

  111. enickel2011:

    awesome !!! I love Mod Men’s work :)

  112. Sweet_Dane:

    Amazing work you are doing……Greetings from Denmark

  113. Nick:

    I hope I get to win this case! I am from MN and build pc’s and fix em. Hoping to make a career of it like you guys some day (im only 15) But will be 16 march 1st the day of the episodes launch! what a great birthday gift! Keep up the good work guys your an inspiration.

  114. Force9000:

    OOH! looks sweet! hope I win!

  115. hardwire:

    sweet! hope to win

  116. bish:

    Awsome paint job, would make the coolest NAS or HTPC.

  117. WPA-Wolverine:

    It seems that im the only one here that isnt a big fan of this. Its just a paintjob and not much of a mod. And the front pinstriping isnt that good tbh its uneven and the lines are not perfect as you would expect from a professional. It looks to me as if it was made in a hurry.

  118. jamo:

    awesome case! i wish i could have it! :D would love to have it… :D

  119. James.Lundquist:

    This case is so SWEEEEETTTT!!! I would love to win it. Even if I don’t, you guys still ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep up the GREAT work!!

  120. scottfish:

    Can’t wait for the show. And a contest?? Who can resist!

  121. denne2:

    Love the look of the case and would love to have it.
    Can’t wait until you start posting regular updates.
    This is what makes me interested, started modding my Silverstone Raven RV01
    inspired by you Bill.

  122. Medic1532:

    Nice paint job I bet It would make a nice HTPC JG

  123. wuts:

    Great looking case, still needs some more pop, but would be a great start for anyone. Thanks for yet another great site


  124. sloggett1380:

    love the case would be great for my new build

  125. The.VeRaK:

    Awesome Case, Would love to create a nas box out of it >.<

  126. ryandigweed:

    i want one ..:)

  127. nikbear:

    Great looking case,just goes to show,don’t always have to be big to be great!

  128. Boxeo:

    Post for entry! Great looking case and awesome work. Big fan!!

  129. skullen:

    Nice one Bill,ive got a nice 120mm billet blow hole and billet handles (early version) that would look good on this case.

  130. Rogue1266:

    Beautiful color, great pinstripe design. As someone else stated; being modded by the MnPcTech co.
    make’s this give away all the more special… Thanks Bill and Thanks to the people at MnPcTech!!!!!
    Good Luck everyone! ;)

  131. ezbirdies:

    I am always inspired by the painting and color use on all of your projects. Thanks for the ideas.

  132. mrdusanmandic:

    I cannot wait to win this beast and do some mods of my own.

  133. der_george:

    I would like to Mod that one! Imagine a Hercules Prophetview on top of that!

  134. Minihank:

    WOW that paint job is FREESHH!! I’m gonna envy the winner soo bad! I’m currently modding a Lancool K62 case so that I an fit a 360 radiator and a HUGE 450 reservoir however im focusing more on the outer shell of the case rather than the inside because im running out of time for my A level coursework and it needs too be done haha. I’ve been looking for a case like this so that I can concentrate on modding the internal area’s with great detail as you have already modded the exterior of the case with you awesome abilities. Your the best modders out there and I hope that the winner appreciates how much time and effort you put into the modifications, video’s and products which you sell.

  135. Tortured_soul:

    congratulations on the show on youtube.

    excellent case. Very nice

  136. dulisha:

    Great work as always !!!

  137. dulisha:

    Great work as always !!! Impressive !!!

  138. Gravem Jon Arne:

    This was a nice case, I do not mind getting it : D nice job guys : )

  139. ubxp:

    I was wondering what happned to this case, You said you might be selling it so i wanted to at least find out how much for. it would be so perfect for my mitx build.

    Love everything about it

  140. ReaperX:

    WOW!!! thats an awsome paint job.

  141. Tommywon:

    All your case are belong to us!

  142. Gazmtk:

    I look forward to seeing more cases like this, glad to see a much needed hole in the modding community filled, professional modders showing us how they do it ;)
    Everyone is different but by watching how someone else works it helps improve our own techniques :)

  143. fixx572:

    Cool case.Would be a fun one to build. Nice blue paint and pinstripe on it .Looks kinda like a old school hot rod.Awesome

  144. Computer Ed:

    This case begs for the E350N-USB3 I have sitting here next to me.

  145. foxxtrotalpha:

    the different shades of blue pin striping looks real nice on top of the metallic blue. Nice case!

  146. ganstream1:

    Can’t wait for the show to start! Love this case!

  147. martriguez2005:


  148. asdalka85:

    That case is pretty cool i’m just getting in to moding myself winning that case would be sweet!!!! Keep making videos guys!!!


  149. ArdeiGras_:

    That paintjob is wicked. I want the case !!!111!!! :P

  150. RcRon7:

    That would be a perfect little NAS box for my home. Of course, I would have to re-Mod my whole set up at home to match it. ^_^

    But really, who needs an excuse to mod.

  151. ilya@HWC:

    Always gotta appreciate good attention to detail. I think the copper rivets match the blue paint job very well.

  152. damn4i:

    the paintjob is great ,it looks kinda 3D ,one shape over the other makes you wonder what u see.
    I don’t like the simultaneous exzistanz of copper and silver . I assume the blue color matches better with the copper color rather than the silver. feet and machined Fan Grill should be replaced by copper onz . just an idea for u fellas

  153. ramPage:

    Awesome job. I’ll be building a sandy bridge itx gaming pc soon!

  154. apocalypse83:

    You guys are truly awesome modders . Ive been following you on you tube for a while and i use your techniques in my custom builds all the time . Keep up the great work you inspire many people all over the world !

  155. carlanton593:

    Ive been looking for a itx case for a while would fith it perfectly. want this case so much.

  156. MorbiousStone:

    Love the show been watching 4 awhile!!!

  157. krajee:

    That is impressive.

  158. krisis:

    Nice case and mnpctech is the best site ever for case mod info

  159. tylersteed:

    Awesome job!

  160. Gluk:

    Very nice case, I really whant have it!

  161. chit117:

    Absolutely love the blue color scheme!

  162. Lyre:

    Sleek! Very nice!

  163. Legend:

    Great Case, hope i’m not too late to win this :)
    Btw its nice and sunny here in Australia.

  164. knexkid:

    If I win I will use that as an excuse to finally build my HTPC I’ve wanted to build for so long! Great first episode, can’t wait for next one! How often will episodes be released?

  165. Kcaz:

    Sweet looking case, would love to build a computer out of that.

  166. xero8p:

    would love this thing, and just in time also about to start building a new computer

  167. Carl Slaughter:

    Good luck to me!

  168. kgoosie:

    This would make for an awesome HTPC. Nice job guys!

  169. CoolPrizes:

    In it to win it!

  170. nicrulz:

    Damn thats a sick as paint job. Great work guys.

  171. Datamaxis:

    Well what can i say. i just found out about your website… and OMG the stuff you do is amazing!
    You guys have given me lots of ideas now. good luck to everyone. i will be watching you guys closely so i can start modding my cases. :D

  172. Misfitsman805:

    Excellent case mod! Been fan on yourtube for a while now and cant wait for the new episodes! XD

  173. Beetle53:

    Great looking case. I would really like to build an HTPC.

  174. Jester_boy1:

    Hey guys, I love the first episode of mod men. This looks to be a pretty cool show. I can’t wait to see how this evolves! Keep up the good work!

  175. webb114:

    Bill That is a work of art. Your whole team is be commended on this case. Living proof that size doesn’t matter. Laugh Out Loud. Thank you to the whole team.

  176. tumama:

    Thanks for this opportunity to win such an amazing case!

  177. OmahaPetester:

    Looking forward to this new site. Been following Bill “the Mod Father” for years, so let’s light this candle!!!!!

  178. sjchris:

    WOW, that is a cool case. It would look good on my desk:)

  179. Wicked sick...:

    nice clean aesthetics, especially the alum grill… really loved your pilot episode… will definitely gain top notch ideas… cheers!!!

  180. Nelson1189:

    *Crosses Fingers*

    Awesome looking case

  181. BenD:

    Mnpctech is the best modders I’ve seen. I’ve just watched the first episode of Mod Men. I’ll just say I can’t wait till the next episode.

  182. viruscreations:

    If it aint broke dont fix it! Right? Heck NO!! not for us, we dont fix it we make it better..
    Great work guys thanks for your ideas.

  183. sandeja1:


  184. Gov:

    Now that’s what I call the base for a great LAN box! Would *love* to show that off at PDXLAN!

  185. methodc:

    Cool case, let me finish it

  186. mlody:

    that is one badass case! it would be great to own it!

    thanks for the great tips and videos. i hope you guys continue.

    btw, are you looking for people so you can go global?

  187. exnoob:

    tiz tiny but epic lookin good job

  188. cedrc1232:

    i need a home theater pc case i can finish it

  189. Sainix:

    That is a sick looking case i would love to have that im in for sure

  190. NicholleH:

    Awsome case would love to start my first project on =).

    Anything from mnpctech is mindblowing.

  191. Nanosec:

    Saw the thread on Bit-Tech, so I couldn’t resist following you guys here. Love the show, can’t wait for the next episode.

    Would love having this case as a trophy in the living room !!!

  192. Brakish:

    Such a cool looking case – Love the work you guys do. Here to hoping I win

  193. MrKennedy:

    This looks pretty nice :D

  194. Ricardo001:

    This is a great case, I really hope I get it! Btw I really appreciate your work, your work is amazing.

  195. silvertoes:

    the one who wins this case surely will sleep with it for days lol

  196. Javier:

    Awesome case, you guys never cease to amaze. Great show Bill, looks extremely good. I will make sure to tune in :)

  197. darkwolf197:

    love your vids hope i win… and great case… :P

  198. Hi Vltg3:

    Another amazing product made by a fellow Minnesotan! love the show and EVERYTHING you do. Will always be a die-hard fan. Keep up the good work!

  199. dzap:

    keep it up!

  200. bigmac:

    I love the clean look of this case! Perfect!

  201. AttackOfTheThumbs:

    Awesome show guys.

    Not sure if I’d dare to modify the case any further and ruin the beauty. I’ve been looking forward to a mini ITX build, have just been waiting on AMD’s new platform for that.

  202. NoHanDlEor:

    I think this case is quite simply beautiful. I dig the cube cases I am currently modding a V351 from lian li but alas they have used the colors I was going to use (at least approximately). I am glad that this webesode series went through with school and work I haven’t been very active on the blogs but hey whats up with the modbros podcast? Either way this is awesome and look at the traffic.

  203. jwlopez69:

    What a Sweet looking case. Best of luck to all who posted!

  204. TheMirAhmad:

    This is Awesome, Bill nice job as always, and your team you guys are the best keep up the good work and thank you for being there and make awesome mods happen.

  205. rod:

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